Islam billboards across the country

Amidst the fishing line signs, Fast food advertisements, And roof construction warnings, Motorists on US roadways will spy something different in their travels this summer: huge, Black pro Muhammad billboards with messages like, “browsing for the answers in life? realize Muhammad,

Behind the billboards is Muslim American education group us men soccer jerseys
Islamic Circle of europe (ICNA), Which says it will erect 100 billboards around the country in a massive, much talked about PR campaign designed to show the softer side of Islam.

particular 100 billboards, With sales messages like, “Kindness is a mark of religion” in addition to the “Muhammad supported peace, Social the legal, female’s rights, have been posted in cities in California, the latest jersey, And sarasota.

But the billboards come at a time when tensions between Muslims and parts of American society appear to be rapidly strained, Highlighted by incidents like a shooting outside of the Texasanti Muhammad cartoon contest, A members of armed anti Islam protesters outside a Phoenix mosque, And social media attacks on the faith following on from the release of cheap soccer jerseys
the film, “us Sniper,

In a climate already rife with strict tension, very around the Islamic faith, Some worry the advertisements, which were described as part PR, parts evangelizing, Could provoke more debate and backlash.

believe it or not, The pro Muhammad billboards will hit roadways just as a set of anti Muhammad advertisements, depicting a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, ground in St. Louis. Behind those billboards is Pamela Gellar of the American Freedom Defense gumption (AFDI), an equivalent group behind the Texas “lure Muhammad” Cartoon fight. milliseconds. Gellar says her billboards are designed to promote free speech. And it’s not the very first time that it has done so.

in 2013, The group launched a campaign showing the parallels between Christianity and Islam, and this also views Jesus as a prophet, however it is not as the son of God. within just 2012, It launched another campaign which may dispel myths about “Shariah, Or Islamic legislation. plus 2011, ICNA set up a 24/7 toll free hotline to respond to questions about Islam.

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